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I already find comfort in regular practice

by Jon

I remember watching my first class of Tai Chi while deciding whether or not to learn. Watching the instructor teach and move was inspiring in itself, which made me want to learn.

In the first weeks, the impression of Tai Chi was that it was slow, easy to perform and seemingly soft. However, after some more time, I found that speed was not the point of the practice, rather feeling the movements in the body; which was not easy. 

Also, performance was not the goal, although performing Tai Chi did make a nice show. I found a sequence difficult to do, when performed with full attention.

And perceived softness was just that- a perception, as I learnt that the flowing of energy and intention could mobilise and move different body parts.

With time, I find that some of the slowness of my practice has crept into my lifestyle. I have a better understanding of my posture through the poses. My sense of balance has improved. 

I am also beginning to appreciate the fluctuations in my practice; there are days when I practice and every pose seems wrong, until one day it ‘clicks’. And I find that after understanding one aspect of a pose, something else will begin to challenge me. 

And although there is still a fair way to go in my practice, I can already find a certain comfort in regular practice. 



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