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Taiji Quan - an exercise for my muscles and mind.

by Edouard Bertinmourot

Living in Asia for over 5 years, needless to mention the countless times I had seen groups meditating and practicing Taiji in various public places, but never would I have imagined myself one day seating before Master Rennie Chong…

Impatient, over-worked, stressed, always on the move and spending any scarce time and energy left into intensive sport activities, I ended up 18 months ago overly tired, exhausted, if not simply empty…At that point in time, I truly realized I was missing something critical: some ’balance’ and true moments of peace in my life…and this is how, after searching around for a ‘solution’, I ended up one Saturday afternoon asking to Master Rennie Chong to learn Taiji to be in better control of myself. 

Anecdotally, I will always remember that first encounter with Master Rennie Chong. ‘You are very tall, very strong….but you are forceless against me…you need to learn to better use your body and inner power’ and me trying to push him, vainly…

It has been now 18 months I have had regular classes with Rennie and can’t describe how different I am from that guy I was some months back. 

In Taiji I found a truly unique moment of relaxation, peace, introspection and pause from a day-to-day often too ‘speed’… I learnt to better breath, use my body and evacuate unnecessary stress through meditations. Lessons I am so thankful I have also been able to apply in my life; respect my body and rest my soul. A great balance I hope everybody can find in their life. 

I am also sincerely pleased I met such a unique person in Rennie, so ‘spiritual’ yet so genuinely human…someone I would like to call a friend who brings so much life and joy every time I see him…Undoubtedly one of the most enriching personal experiences I am glad I will be able to bring along with me everywhere I go...



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