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My Tai Chi experience

by Catherina Tan


It is my luck to have a professional teacher like Si Fu Chong as my Tai Chi Instructor. His systematic lessons enabled me a smooth learning process. He always taught movements step by step and thoroughly, so that we could observe, learn and repeat over and over again until we understood each movement completely. Si Fuís teaching method is simple and clear.

Learning Tai Chi is a great challenge for me, because Tai Chi is not only about engaging in form of movement but also about encountering the profound ideas of Chinese tradition, culture and philosophy, by which Tai Chi Chuan is deeply imbued. I have learned only one year until now, but have already felt the health benefits from exercising Tai Chi Chuan. More importantly practicing Tai Chi helps me to cultivate my body and mind.

It is a fortunate for me to have the chance to learn this wonderful Tai Chi exercise. I hope that in the future I can share Tai Chi skill with other people who also want to improve their health.

Last but not least I thank Si Fu Chong, Jaleen and Annie for helping me patiently and passionately to accomplish the 37 Zheng Tze Tai Chi Chuan.

August 2011


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