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Taiji Quan - an exercise for my muscles and mind.

by Antony Yiu

Everybody knows exercise is important for up keeping of good health, heading for longer life.

Before my retirement I never thinking of doing exercise for health. Before retirement the exercise I enjoyed is golfing 2 or 3 times a month. However, golfing is classified as a game rather than an exercise. 

When I retired in end 2005, I had more time and I started to take up the ITE part-time Mechanical Technology Course. It is easy to learn and are of my interest. One day when I was in the class I suffered a serious left shoulder pain. It last for more than 2 weeks. I have to consult doctor, specialist, X-rayed, and later to consult Physiotherapy specialist. The conclusion was, my shoulder was getting thin and weak because of ageing. I need to do special exercise for 3 months. After 3 month’s exercise the pain totally disappeared. Then, I realized exercise is important for me. 

On November, 2009 My wife helped me to look for in Bishan CC, which exercise is suitable for my age. The officer there recommended me to learnt TaiJi Quan from famous instructor Master Rennie Chong. In my mind, I knew that for my age of about 70, it is impossible for me to master the martial art of Taiji. Why I decided to joint is, I just look for a slow and soft exercise. Once I paid, I force myself to attend the class so I will have one type of regular exercise. Later, I found that I have to be on time, the relaxation exercise is important. It is my cup of tea. 

As for TaiJi there is a lot of posture to learn. It is difficult to remember. However, I will try my best step by step to practice It. Master Chong, In addition of teaching us TaiJi Quan, he also give us advice on health matters and spiritual practices which is also a benefit to all of us.

Thank you Master Rennie Chong.

11 May 2011


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