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Rennie Chong Tai Chi Training Centre, Singapore

Cheng Man Ch'ing Tai Chi | Yang Style Tai Chi

We provide

Taiji for health of joints: knees, back, spine (12 lessons)
Taiji for health improvement and fitness (12 lessons)
Taiji for healing asthma, rehabilitation (20 lessons)
Traditional Taiji (permanent classes): loosening exercises, 37 Steps Form, theory, push-hands
Individual coaching available

Learning Taijiquan and Understanding Taijiquan

by Rennie Chong, July 2016

很多人要学太极拳 ,他们认为太极拳能够健身,是柔软 运动,还能够治病。当医生跟病人说,你应该运动,太极 拳可能对你好,他们马上就上网找老师要学太极拳,有 些是心脏开了刀,或其他器官出了毛病,骨质疏松,风湿 痛,腰骨痛,都一起来问太极拳能医好他们吗?我每次都 对他们说太极拳不是灵丹妙药,是要自己下定决心,和毅 力,一招一式练下来的效果。

English version:

Many practitioners choose to practise Taiji Quan as the soft, relaxing exercise is well known for its health benefits and healing effects. There are patients who suffered from many kind of disease approached me because their doctors advised them to exercise and recommended Taiji Quan. I would make it clear to them that Taiji Quan is not a Panadol that can relief pain and can work miracle in healing. If one decided to commit oneself to Taiji Quan,, determination, patience, perseverance to practise daily to lay a solid foundation is essential and cannot expect to reap the health benefits of having radiant physical, emotional and mental health that characterized accomplished martial artists if one only practises flowery Taiji Quan once a week. Read more...

The route to learning Taiji Quan

Laying a strong foundation is very important for a Taiji quan practitioner to have a lasting structure and progress towards the mastery of the art. Shifu (Master Chong) doesn't concentrate on teaching many different forms. He places importance on the foundation, skills and essence of the art. When one understands and master it (this will need lots of practice, patience, perseverance and passion), one can incorporate it into practice of any forms or weapons and also into daily life to become a better person.

The correct and good attitude in learning Taiji quan is very important. Many people have the misconception that learning the form fast and able to learn different sets of forms is the main aim of learning Taiji quan. In actual fact, learning the forms are easy, the real challenge is to master the skills and essence and that might require a lifetime to master that.

Jaleen Ho

Apart from its martial applications, Taijiquan has been widely used for diseases prevention, longevity and self-defence. It also has an important role in the comprehensive therapy for chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, gastric ulcer, and neurasthenia.

The effects of Taijiquan's regimen include:

  • improving body metabolism

  • strengthening the lower limbs

  • delaying ageing of joints

  • de-stressing

  • easing and relaxing muscles

  • improving lung's respiratory function.

  • preventing falls in elderly

Training programmes

Tai Chi for health improvement and fitness, about some of Master Rennie Chong's Tai Chi cources for health and fitness

Discourse on Yi and Qi

Advantage running: science of running using the art of Chi by Gordon de Souza

Taiji Night 2018
15 years anniversary
of Rennie Chong Taiji Training Centre
10 November 2018


Taiji Night 2018, Master Chong's Zhengzi 37 performance

Taiji Night 2018, Master Chong's students' finale performance

Taiji Night 2018, Taiji Sword by Jaleen Ho

Taiji workshop, May 2018

A group of visitors from Europe who were in Singapore for an official trip were interested to know more about Taiji Quan. They have requested Shifu for training at Botanic garden. In that 1 hr, we instilled practice of Rooting, Balancing, Breathing exercises etc and hope to further arouse their interest in Taiji Quan, which is one of the most essential parts of traditional Chinese culture. See more photos here

2017 Taiji Night

Ball practice for better Taijiquan

练太极拳就得要练松。练球的出发点是要大家学习扎根,中定,松腰松胯,全身性的松/动还有舍己从人的精神,只有舍己才能从人。即是舍去自身的僵力,舍去无目的盲动。。。即是顺从他人之力随人而动,沾黏连随等等。

Practitioners will feel that the ball practice is good for relaxation and enhancing flexibility.. Most people in the modern world are full of tension and have weak, problematic spine.. When one understands the correct way of movement, the backward bending of the spine will be a great therapy, it effectively counteracts the damage due to hours spent on forward bending. Read more...

Cheng Man Ching 37 Form by Master Chong at Taichi Night 2015

2013 Daqingshan International Taiji Competition, May 2013

A day at Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home, January 2013

Interactive Taiji Workshop
Seremban Malaysia, 15 June 2012

Visiting Dr. Timothy Song, Master Chong's disciple, and his students in Seremban, Malaysia.

Cultural Day
Australian International School
Singapore, 13 June 2012

(3 Tai Chi workshops for kids)

Visiting Master Chen Zhonghua at Da Qing Shan, 15 May 2012

Bintan workshop, May 2012
by Total Oil Pte Ltd

Manesh L. Balani, one of the participants: "The session was very different from our understanding of Taichi, it was really engaging and humorous at the same time, which brings the best in learning. Simple yet effective movements were thought helping us to keep in health."


Taijiquan helped my back pain

I had bilateral sacral ala insufficiency fractures. Due to these fractures, my leg and back muscles had to work extra hard to support my upper body. After 2 years of medical intervention, lifestyle change and Taiji exercise my osteoporosis condition has improved...


Taijiquan fitness regimen
Seminar with Master Rennie Chong
Singapore, 7 July 2018

张显宗师父 自小就受他的父亲张国良师父的熏陶,跟父亲学习杨式太极拳。至今张师父练习太极拳已有六十多年的经验。张师父虚心好学,工作与教拳之余,潜心学习中华医学与针灸,并考获中医学文凭,成为新加坡合格中医师及针灸医师。在他离职后的十年中,他更深入地专研太


Read more about the seminar...

Rennie Chong's presentation...

Word of Appreciation

by Naik Kamlesh, February 2017

I have been recovering from knee injuries due to sports. It has been troubling me for quite sometime and resulted in stiffness and pain after prolonged walking. After consulting with Master Chong, he could actually figure out the weakness in my knees and trained and guided me restore the strength in my legs. Not only has my confidence been restored, but my level of fitness has become more balanced.

When I first began, I was skeptical about the benefits of Tai Chi, partly because I had great difficulty remembering the movements and sequences. But as time passes, with the help of a very patient Master, I am getting there and have noticed that my sense of balance and flexibility have improved noticeably. Read more...

Rennie Chong: a street poster for 50th Anniversary of Singapore

Rennie Chong: 76 years old, but still solid. A street poster for 50th Anniversary of Singapore.

Rennie Chong Tai Chi Training Centre Taiji Night 2015

The Taiji night is to gather together from all the various centers of RCTTC. This year we met at Thomson CC more...

Tai Chi and Well-Being
Tai Chi camp at the National Community Leadership Institute, July 2015

Tai Chi Keeps Body and Mind Healthy by Rennie Chong

During the talk, Master Chong explained how practice of Taiji according to Taiji principles can cultivate and improve the person's inner character and nurture one's mental health. Read more...

Tai Chi Keeps Body and Mind Healthy
by Rennie Chong, July 2015, Mandarin (中文)

Tai Chi Keeps Body and Mind Healthy by Rennie Chong

Taiji Night 2015
Taiji Night 2014

Brigitte Lichtenberger, Master Chong's student, June 2014: From a physiotherapist perspective the positions of the joints in each movement are very economical for the body and biomechanical optimal to prevent any damages. For me as a physiotherapist it's very interesting to analyse the different movements and finding a lot of similarities of exercises we teach in the clinic. Read more...

Taiji Night 2013: the 10th Anniversary

Taiji and my Parkinson's
by Alex Chan

Taiji Night 2010

Tai Chi talk at Bedok Sports Centre

Taiji Night 2009
The Ten Thousand-Mile Path of Taiji, by Master Chong (Mandarin)
Notes by Master Chong on knee health research  

太极拳基本原理: 张显宗师父讲义(二〇〇一年二月九日)


太极拳松身五法 - 黄性贤老师授


洪美莲,姚天福, 气功对骨伤的疗效 - 我们的体验

Healing 'Frozen Shoulder' with Taiji Quan by Lim Kim Foong


Master Chong's DVD: Taiji Quan: Body of Knowledge

Master Chong's and George Loo's book: Taiji Quan: Body of Knowledge
Taiji Night 2010

Taiji Night 2009

Taiji Night 2008

Tai Chi course at Police Headquarters, May 2008

Taiji gathering in December 2007

Taiji gathering in May 2006

Master Chong and George Loo. A push-hands exercise

A Tai Chi display at Singapore Expo in 2004