Alvin Tan Tok Ngang
Chief Instructor

 Alvin Tan Tok Ngang has been learning Taiji Quan from Master Chong since 1987.

In 1991 he attended Taiji Quan Instructor Test and obtained his Instructor Certificate.

He has helped Master Chong conduct classes since 2002.

Master Chong accepted him as a disciple by traditional ceremony

Skills he accquired from Master Chong include:

  • Yang (Zheng Man Qing) Style Taiji Quan

  • Chen Style Taiji Quan

  • Yang Style Taiji Quan Sword and Sabre form

  • Taiji Quan Push Hands


Mr Tan receiving his Advanced Level Certificate (highest among Master Chong's students) during Rennie Chong Tai Chi Training Centre Taiji Night on 10 December 2007

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