Rennie Chong Tai Chi Training Centre Taiji Night 2015

This year's Taiji Night was under the theme of Taiji for Life with five subthemes: Taiji for Friendship, for Harmony, for Health, for Nurturing and for Self Defense.

The Taiji night is to gather together from all the various centers of RCTTC. This year we met at Thomson CC. After the registration and welcome greetings Phillis started with the help of her sister Philo an Icebreaker. It was very interesting and of course funny to see how the people do their non-favorite household chores in a Taiji way. I would love to see if any student try to do some of the household chores now in a Taiji manner, probably we can do a follow up next year.

With a big smile everybody took a chair and settled in front of the stage, where Shifu greeted all his students. The next minutes were an inspiration and hopefully also a motivation for most of us. Parikshit started with the first performance with his quick fist, followed by Francis doing Taiji Sword and at the end Shijie Jaleen with Taiji Fan. A big thank you to the three of them to perform in front of more than hundreds of people and let us enjoy it. Afterwards we had the honor to see Shifu performing the 37 steps in a Taiji for Life manner. I cannot put it in words or try to use adjectives to describe my feelings during this performance. I just know that I have still a lot of room to improve myself.

To set up the mass performance is always a bit of a challenge. Everybody who completed the 37 steps should participate in there. It's not easy to be synchronized, especially as we are all normally training in our own speed. Nevertheless all did well and I hope to ones looking at it, enjoyed it and try to train so they can stand among the others next year.

This year's group photo taking went very smooth and I think it was a very good idea to do it just before dinner with a little bit of a hungry stomach. Thanks a lot to our photographers to do and provide such great pictures. It keeps a nice memory.

After a delicious dinner and mingle around great people the program went on with a special lucky draw sponsored by Collin Chua. Three persons came on stage with a big smile after their number was picked.

The Life sharing experience from our students about one of the subthemes were very interesting. Taiji can help for your own health issues no matter how old you are, to harmonize you or in another word distress before an exam, to make friends among other students, to defend yourself at business on a mental basis or to being motivated and helped growing by great people like Shifu.

Before it was time to hand over the certificates the prizes fifteen to seven from the lucky draw were picked from three of our Committee members and it was nice to see many smiles around.

Shifu handed the elementary certificates to six of his student for completing the 37 steps. I hope to see many other students next year on stage getting this certificate. A big thank you went also to the performers and the Committee Members, but nevertheless all the coming students were making this event a success.

The last highlight were the main prices from the lucky draw picked by Shimu and Shifu. The excitement was big and this year's conclusion was either register early or late.

The end of this year's Taiji Night means the start of the Taiji Night 2016 and I hope and look forward to see and meet a lot of great people there.

Brigitte Lichtenberger

Cheng Man Ching 37 Form by Master Chong

Fan Form by Jaleen Ho

Tai Chi Sword Form by Francis Tay

Quick Fist by Parikshit

Cheng Man Ching 37 Form by Master Chong's students

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