Taiji Night 2013: the 10th Anniversary


The 10th Tai Chi Night of Rennie Chong Tai Chi Training Centre took place on 19 October 2013. The tradition started in 2003 for the students of Master Chong's many classes to have a chance to get together.


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There were many performances on display, starting with dozens of students doing the Cheng Man Ch'ing 37 routine.

Then, Jaleen Ho, Jaslin Ng, Cindy Chai, and Lai Wan Har performed the Yang 108 Form.


Lim Min Jin demonstrated the Yang 42 Competition Form.


Teresa Yeong executed a graceful 32 Sword routine.


The audience loved 9-year old Jun Hao's wu shu form so much that he was asked to perform twice


Johnny Chow did an energetic Chen Jia form.


Mr Pang presented a different rendering of Chen Jia.


Jaleen Ho showed the 54 Traditional Sword routine.


Master Chong's student got engaged in short free push-hands sessions. Master Chong gave explanations of meaning and applications of Taiji moves

Vsevolod Vlaskine and George Chang



George Loo and Luke Chew



Master Chong performed a beautiful Cheng Man Ch'ing 37 routine followed by a Chen Jia form




28 students that completed the elementary stage of their training received certificates, and 24 were awarded the intermediate stage certificates.


Over one hundred of Master Chong's students gathered for the event from his classes in Bishan, Bedok, Bukit Gombak, California Fitness Centre, as well as Sports Centre and Kim Keat Avenue in Toa Payoh.






The demonstrations and handing certificated were followed by a buffet...




...and a lucky draw.





Event organizers:




The event was organized with the generous support of Mr Tan Lye Teck and Changi Airport





Taiji Night 2013: the 10th Anniversary. Rennie Chong Taiji Training Centre, Singapore

Photos by Ng Wai Ling and Loi Keng Liang