Ball practice for better Taijiquan


Practitioners will feel that the ball practice is good for relaxation and enhancing flexibility.. Most people in the modern world are full of tension and have weak, problematic spine.. When one understands the correct way of movement, the backward bending of the spine will be a great therapy, it effectively counteracts the damage due to hours spent on forward bending.

It is also a training for getting our central equilibrium as one will need to be stabilized within, be centered, settled and after some training, will be able to generate whole body movement correctly. Gradually one will begin to develop an improved awareness of the skills needed to avoid getting out of balance and can be pushed like a tumbler toy....

At a higher level, it is also to train our body to relax, coordinating with deep breathing and flow like a river that does not go head on with any obstacle i.e no direct or brute force to counter the oncoming force.. one will learn to feel the movement and train our sensitivity to training partner's force and direction. A way to understand Taiji quan's principle of Giving Up Oneself., sticking, following the force etc.


October 2017

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