The class schedule currently is under review, more classes coming soon!

Please address questions about classes, personal training, or Tai Chi in general to:

Bernard Sew, ph: +65 9784 2627 email: bernardsew@gmail.com

Mervin Sim, ph: +65 9619 5802 email: mervinsage8@gmail.com




Day Class Time Location Instructor
Wednesday Taijiquan 9:30-11:00am Bedok Sports Complex Chia Kim Lee

Explaining Tai Chi martial applications

Master Chong and George Loo practising with a sand bag (sha bao)

Pushing away! (Master Chong, George Loo)



The training programmes have the following aspects and may focus on some of them, depending on the class you choose. (Take a look at the students' feedback)

Please contact the Centre for details.


Some of the past events 

Taiji Night 2014 (Singapore)

A day at Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home, January 2013

Bintan Workshop 2012

Taiji Night 2010 (Singapore)

Taiji Night 2009 (Singapore)

15 December 2008 - Rennie Chong Tai Chi Centre Taiji Night 2008 (Singapore)

10 December 2007 - Rennie Chong Tai Chi Centre Taiji Night 2007 (Singapore)

29 May 2006 - Rennie Chong Tai Chi Training Centre Gathering Night 2006 (Singapore)

27 May 2005 - Taiji Soft-Strength Ball demonstration at Bishan East Martial Arts Nite (Singapore)

A stretching exercise

Performing at Singapore Expo

Practising at Penhurst Place: Reymon Chin, George Loo, Vsevolod Vlaskine

Always think Tai Chi as a martial art!