Taiji Quan: Body of Knowledge

DVD by Rennie Chong

In December 2008, there was officially launch of Master Chong's DVD Taiji Quan: Body of Knowledge by Mirage Pictures Pte Ltd during Rennie Chong Tai Chi Training Centre Taiji Night 2009

On this DVD Master Chong:

  • Teaches a large set of loosening exercises for development of softness, relaxation, flexibility, and correct postures for Tai Chi;

  • Shows an important breathing qigong exercise;

  • Demonstrates the 37-step form of Zhengzi (Cheng Man Ch'ing)

  • Gives step-by-step instructions for the 37-step form with explanation of correct postures and movements;

The DVD would be useful equally for  beginners,  advanced student, and Tai Chi instructors.

This DVD and Master Chong's and George Loo's book Taiji Quan: Body of Knowledge would be an excellent combination as learning tools and reference.

From the DVD cover

"Master Chong has been teaching Tai Chi since he was 19, when he began helping his father, and later took over his classes. He is more concerned with personal development in Tai Chi rather than grading and certificates, although the Singapore Sports Council does offer certification through his courses. Master Chong's students have won in martial arts competitions and have become authors and well-known instructors. In 1992, Master Chong went to Zhengzhou, China, with a group of Chen Tai Chi associates to participate in the Chinese Zhenzhou International Shaolin Wushu Festival, where he received a Certificate of merit for Exhibition Excelence."


Please send enquiries and purchase orders of the DVD book to Rennie Chong. The DVD can be purchased together with Rennie Chong's and George Loo's book Taiji Quan: Body of Knowledge


"...my body became more flexible and I felt less stressed. I don't developp muscle pains now as before."


"I started at the age of 6, as I had inherited asthma... Now my asthma has been cured with the help of my dearest Godfather, Master Chong."

Sandi Tang

"Master Chong's Taiji is a down-to-earth thing immediately connected to our health and martial abilities."

Vsevolod Vlaskine

"I feel energised and active throughout the day, and very often find myself unconciously practising the Tai Chi steps (sometimes to the annoyance of people around me!"


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