Taiji Quan: Body of Knowledge

by Rennie Chong and George Loo

Paperback, 123 pages, 535 b/w illustrations, Pepper Publications Pte Ltd, 2004, ISBN: 981-4097-09-8.


For purchase order or enquiries on availability of the book in bookstores, please contact Rennie Chong or Pepper Publications Pte Ltd. In Singapore, the book is available in Kinokuniya, Borders and other major bookstores. The book can be purchased with Rennie Chong's DVD

"My intention in writing this book is threefold:

  1. To record down the insights of my teacher Master Rennie Chong for future generations. this book will attempt to present information not covered in other books on the subject.

  2. To help answer the many questions students may ask when they learn Taiji Quan. This book can supplement a Taiji Quan class.

  3. To open up the world of Taiji Quan to an English-speaking audience."

George Loo


"This book is quite complete as an introductory text as it includes a full chapter on warming-up exercises and another full chapter on breathing exercises. These exercises are not found in most Taiji Quan books in English or Chinese ... I am very pleased to note that this book has managed to faithfully follow Professor Cheng's [Cheng Man Ch'ing] original development and yet has been written in layman's language and with clear explanations for the benefit of beginners..." Click here for the full text of the Foreword

Prof. Hang Chang Chieh



Foreword by Prof. Hang Chang Chieh

Preface by George Loo

Chapter 1. Introduction to Taiji Quan

Chapter 2. Principles of Taiji Quan

Chapter 3. Warming Up

Chapter 4. Basic Form

Chapter 5. Taiji Quan Breathing

Chapter 6. Pushing Hands

Chapter 7. Taiji Quan in Daily Life

Chapter 8. Frequently Asked Questions about Taiji Quan

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